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Property Photography based in Suffolk

Red Wren Studios offers professional property photography in and around Suffolk.

Over the years I have worked in a vast range of buildings of different shapes and sizes. I always strive to get the best angles, utilising as much natural light as possible to create stunning images of every room in your property. Previously I have taken photographs for listings on AirBnB and Coolstays, so I am always happy to adapt to capture unique features and styles.

As well as my creative input, I also ensure that property photographs are geometrically correct. By using specialised lenses and software, this means your images will appear as you would expect to see them in person.

Suffolk Property photography

What to expect from your booking

I normally provide between 20 – 30 professionally developed images per property for houses up to three bedrooms.

You will be given access to the photographs via a secure online gallery upon completion. This is usually within two working days of the photoshoot session.

What I expect at a property

My main expectation is that the property is already tidy and staged in a way you would like it to be photographed. Generally this would mean tidying or hiding any clutter, wires, and personal items wherever possible. Often properties benefit from having the lights switched on in all rooms, so you may wish to have them on before I arrive.

How should I ‘stage’ my property?

I would normally suggest for selling properties to keep it tidy and simple with as little clutter possible. However for rentals or holiday lets I would suggest staging rooms such as the kitchen and bedroom. For example you may wish to set the table as though waiting for guests. This way potential guests can see what they might expect when renting your property because they will be looking for what are available.

When’s the best time to book property photography?

I often find the best times to photograph a property to be between mid-morning to late afternoon. I utilize natural light as much as possible when photographing properties so these times usually work best. However it is worth considering if the sun falls on a particular side of your house at certain hours.

I am able to offer additional property visits if you feel your property has some features best shown at different times of the day, or night.

Flexible booking times are always available including evenings, weekends and bank holidays. Everyone’s work and lifestyle commitments are different so I am always willing to negotiate timings to suit your needs.

What to expect from me as a property photographer

I pride myself on being as polite and respectful as possible in any situation. Whilst photographing properties I am happy to be accompanied by an agent or home owner, or go it alone.

Every booking includes exterior photos of the property and shots of any garden space.


To book a photography session or make an enquiry please get in touch.

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