Volunteering in Suffolk as a photographer

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At the start of 2018 I was spending time with my in-laws in The Philippines whilst working on a couple of projects. I was also looking for work for my return to the UK. Previously I had worked for a local authority working on a national project for scam prevention. During my time in this role I worked with, and aided, large number of elderly and vulnerable people. Since working there I started to miss this interaction and wanted to help others again.

During my search for opportunities I came across an interesting voluntary role with the Alzheimer’s Society who were looking for people interested in photography. A long story short, there was a gentleman with a passion for photography who had lost his confidence due to changes in his mental health.

After some time I was able to meet with the gentleman, whom I now consider more of a friend. His interests are a little different to mine, but I take them into consideration each week when trying to find something he will enjoy taking photos of. Having lived in his local area for most of his life, he knows his way around very well. That said, we have managed to find a few Suffolk treasures that neither of us had seen before. The image below for example was taken at the Chappel Viaduct. He told me he’d travelled over and under it many times, but never stood underneath and looked through the middle. The average week will be a drive around the Suffolk countryside and stopping off somewhere to take some photos before heading home. From time to time, however we do attend events or places of interest.

Viaduct, Suffolk photography

The Alzheimer’s Society: My experience

So my main purpose during this blog post was just to share a bit about my experience volunteering this year. The. If you are interesting in volunteering too, the project is called Side by Side volunteering. I have found my involvement with the project very rewarding.

The Alzheimer’s Society helped make a connection between me and my appointee and it’s now a part of my weekly routine that I thoroughly enjoy. There are many ways you can help The Alzheimer’s Society, or find support. Please check out their website and consider showing some support to such a valuable cause.