Flames and Llamas at Circus Petite

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An April Update..

As the month comes to an end I thought I’d share a little update on my recent work. Which has had me travelling all over Suffolk and even to the circus!

Since my previous post I’ve been focusing a little more on promoting my pet / dog photography work. Oddly enough I was contacted through one of my adverts to do some property photography at a lovely Suffolk cottage. Whilst I haven’t done photos for advertising properties before, I’ve always shot interiors and architecture throughout my practice as a photographer. Below are some examples. I also added some to my new portfolio page for photographing properties.

Working at the circus!

The best project this month was working with a local circus act for a promotional trailer. Film creation has always been a huge interest of mine, dating back to when I was a child when my brother and I would make short animations with a borrowed video camera. We were always trying new things, particularly with creating Lego stop-action animated shorts. VHS copies may exist somewhere at our parents house, but they have yet to be found!

I was referred to Beckwith & Fuller following my previous shoot with Penny Pyro (as seen in my last blog post) as part of their act involves using fire. When I heard they also had two llamas (the Liberty Llamas) I had to get involved. The shooting took about two hours on an oddly hot April morning inside the tent of Circus Petite. According to Anthony, their owner, the llamas take about two years to train. They performed well during the shoot, showing their routine through three times for us. Anthony shared a lot of in-depth knowledge about the llamas and they were exceptionally well cared for.

Beckwith & Fuller are hoping to continue touring, possibly branching out into Europe. If you’re interested in booking them or following their act, please check them out on Facebook.

Below is a link to the YouTube, enjoy!

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