Red Arrows show over Wattisham Airfield

The Red Arrows at Wattisham

Red Arrows show over Wattisham Airfield

So, today I had an exciting afternoon seeing the RAF Red Arrows with my Dad near Wattisham in Suffolk. After hearing that a show was happening over the Wattisham Airbase on Suffolk Radio, my dad suggested going to watch it. As civilians we were unable to access the airbase. So we found a nearby accessible field and parked up. We weren’t overly sure what kind of view we would get, but it was a large open field we just knew nothing could block us. After about 10 minutes of enjoying the sun I noticed a young boy pointing to the sky. I followed his gaze to see the Red Arrows in their all their glory. The sun at this point glistened on their noses as they did their first fly by whilst leaving their iconic trail of red, white and blue smoke.

The show was a truly spectacular, made even more special by the face we were not surrounded by the usual crowds of a public airshow. Seeing this show made me think back to when I saw the Red Arrows as child on holiday. We were lucky enough to meet the pilots at the time as they happened to be at the hotel we stayed at. I remember at that time my late Granddad Jim being thrilled to see the pictures when we got home. We brought him home a small model of the red arrows which he always kept proudly above his fireplace at home. Since his passing I now have this model displayed on my bedroom shelf in memory of him. Below are my favourite shots from the show:

The Red Arrows surprise a wedding party on their way home

Interestingly I recently was filming a wedding with my good friend at Jason Lynch Weddings when we were surprised to see the Red Arrows flying over! Something I doubt we’ll see happen soon at another wedding. If you’re interested, you can see the highlights of this wedding here – the Reds are seen flying over Stubton Hall, Newark at 3:04. I had to react quickly to get them in shot!

So, all in all my day went from being a bit of a drag to seeing the amazingly skilled Reds doing what they do best. They still have a few airshows this summer so if you get a chance I’d highly recommend getting out to see them!

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