Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral, inside and out!

Earlier this year I was staying in Peterborough for the antiques festival. I managed to spend way more than I intended but came home with a load of new treasures. I even got myself a decent, working accordion which I’m learning to play. Whilst in the area I had to check out the Peterborough Cathedral. I had visited here briefly some years ago, but never had the chance to have a proper look around.

There is a small fee for taking photographs in the cathedral, but I didn’t mind as it meant I was more inclined to spent a couple of hours wandering around it.


The bottom part of the church had impressive arched ceilings and was apparently much more modern that the rest of the church. My wife and I spent some time appreciating it for its gothic beauty. We also learnt about Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII who was buried here in 1536. Her grave is still honoured by visitors who by leaving flowers and pomegranate as tribute. Mary, Queen of scots was also buried here origionally, but later moved to Westminster under the ruling of King James I, her son.

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