Suffolk Owl Sanctuary

Kookaburra at Stonham Barns, Suffolk Owl Sancuary

This year I decided to join up for a year’s membership in support of the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, Stonham Barns.  Having been a couple of times in the past, this year I was able to take my wife; who was amazed by seeing the organised displays. Each display was accompanied by very informative talks by the falconers which were slightly different each time. The staff are clearly very knowledgable about each species and were more than happy to chat and answer questions from visitors. This year the sanctuary has been developing new enclosures and extending its raptor hospital (hence the fund raiser in my previous blog post).

Below are a few images I captured during the flying displays earlier this year.


Visitors can also see the birds whilst walking around the rest of the sanctuary. At the woodland trail you can see the Red Squirrels, Chinese Pheasants, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Meercats! The birds did often come close during the displays (even sitting on the benches with visitors at times) but this was a great opportunity to see them up close. Below are some shots I got during our walk around the sanctuary:


Suffolk Owl Sanctuary competition 2017

In October I also decided to enter the photography competition and ended up winning myself another year’s pass for the ‘People’s Choice’ award.

Here’s the winning image:

Kookaburra at Stonham Barns, Suffolk Owl Sancuary

I’m very grateful for my prize and look forward to many more visits in 2018! I’d also highly recommend this as a top place to visit in Suffolk.

If you get the chance, please show some support, it’s a great cause for wildlife. Especially as wild birds are continuously facing greater challenges to survive living around humans.